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And Oldie but a Goodie - Sybil post!

From: Speed   Speed is a registered live IceCat
Date: 23-Feb-06

For those of you who have been around here awhile - you might remember this one. I was digging though old stuff and found this. I figure I'll post again give people a long read during this quiet time.


Puck bunnies will go to great lengths to contact their favorite players....


I will put my commentary in RED, and have taken out the names of the players (i.e. Player A and Player B) as to not get them involved (unless already published)


Let’s review..

I put a post up to thank the guys for a great season, and here’s what we got back..



    Subject: RE: Lets give the Guys a THANK YOU!

    From:     kira

    Date:      03-May-01


    I just thought that because i'm dating one of the players i could give messages to them too

    but you can still send email to the office. Speed you can email me to talk about this further

    at BGIRL2412@webtv.net


(210, being of sound mind, remembers her email address – as did I, from a previous post)



    Subject: RE: Lets give the Guys a THANK YOU!

    From:     210

    Date:      03-May-01


    Hmmmm....that WEBTV address was the same one posted by another poster who

    claimed to be married, only I recall her name was Jenifer (or was it Jennifer).


    Plus some of us know how to find WEBTVers webpages and your's is a very bad Bostron

    Bruins tribute page.


    http://community.webtv.net/bgirl2412 for those of you that care to look.


    Please get a life and stop posting falsehoods.


(Sybil comes back with this)



Subject: RE: Lets give the Guys a THANK YOU!

    From:     Kira

    Date:      05-May-01


    That was my cousin. she thinks she married to everybody. i'm not lying


(sure.. her cousin that’s in her mind **voices! voices!*)



Subject: RE: Lets give the Guys a THANK YOU!

    From:     Lizz

    Date:      05-May-01


    Well then I'll play along, who are you dating?



    Subject: RE: Lets give the Guys a THANK YOU!

    From:     Kira

    Date:      06-May-01


    i guess. eric boguinecki



(funny she can’t even spell his last name, but is going out with him)


(Right away I picked up on this, and since it’s a long off-season, I decided to have some fun. Here’s my email to Sybil):



Hi this is 'speed' from Pierce's "unofficial Icecats" webpage, and spdrcr1987 from my own "Extreme Icecats page".
I created another message board separate to my own, as mine gets - well a little nuts and can be negative.
I'd just like to have everyone on both boards say thanks to the guys.
I know PLAYER A’s email address but never bother him - except to thank him for last year. I figure doing it this way can get the message out without invading their privacy and giving out email addys..
So far I've had a few people view the board, but nobody is posting except for one. I think people are still bent on how it all ended.
Oh well, I hope people start posting, I think it would be nice since we really didn't get a chance to say thanks.
Take care
(So I get back)



I'm kinda disappointed to about how the end of the seaon ended. but i
told eric boguinecki - my boyfriend that i'm still very prod of himand
the team. what is Player A’s email. He gave it to me along time ago but i
misplaced it. hope to keepin touch.


(oh god the spelling and grammar. Still can’t spell his last name. I love how she “misplaced” the guys email address. I hate it when that happens. Maybe her dog ate it. No wait, maybe it was a cat, or a ferret..)


My reply:



HI again
well the message board thing is going to great - I figure people have had enough hockey right now after game 7.
Well tell Eric to take a look at what we got so far and “PLAYER A”’s email is “PLAYERA”@aol.com.
I haven't emailed him since last year, but I doubt it's changed.
Take care!


(So Sybil (or Jenifer, or Jennifer, or Kira moves in and emails “PLAYERA”..)



Is this “PLAYERA”’s email address?

(The coy reply)


Who wants to know?




hi. i was just curious just to make sure i wasn't talkin to anyone else.
So how's your spring going?

(“PlayerA” still playing it straight)


Hi I still don't know who you are?
Are you a fan?


(And time to jump into another identity)


hi. i'm married to one of the new jersey devils. Jason Arnott. I got
your email address from another fan. Do you know eric or “PLAYERB”s email


i went to the game on tueday night with my mom because new jersey was in
toronto and i wanted to go to the game so we went. we got about 7 rows
back of the penalty boxes. we have a great time except you guys lost.
I'm staying at my mom and dad's this week just to visit because they
live in spencer and we live in new jersey so i don't really see them
much and plus in the off season we go up to ontario. my sometime i can
meet you at a game or something. well got to go. bye!


(You just have to love it! I thought she was going out with Eric “however you spell his last name”, but now she’s married to Arnott! And now she wants Eric’s email! I fell out of my chair! And looking for another player too. Staying at mom and dads… I would say that happens every night – possibly in feety pajamas. Ya most fans I know drive up from NJ to see an Icecats game. I think the office has a statistic on this. 95% of the season ticket base is from NJ - yeah that’s it!)


(“PlayerA” replies – playing it up nicely I might add)


Hi Yes it was a tough loss for us but we have to move on now. Some of us got called up to the Blues even though we probably won't play.
Where's Spencer?
Hey I talked to PLAYERB and he said he didn't think he knew you, so he's reluctant to give his email address out.
Since you already have mine, can I give him a message, and based on that he might contact you?
Take to you later.

(Sybil replies)


spencer is by worcester. “PLAYERB” probably doesn't know me. I hope he'll
email me. i have this 17 year old gir emailing me begging for “PLAYERB”s

email because she's moving out of state and probably won't see him again
and she's a major fn of his. Just tell “PLAYERB” that i'm married to an nhl
player. maybe that will get him to email me


(A 17 year old “gir”… I wonder who that could be? I think it’s major psycho “fn”. Oh god the spelling of NHL players wive…)


(So “PLAYERA” writes back)


Well he said he'd talk, but not with his regular email since that's personal.
Tell your friend he can be reached at “PLAYERB”@yahoo.com
Take care..


(Sybil says)


thanks! if that's not his personal email then what is it? How's your
summer/ spring going anything exciting? i'm watching the devils/leafs
playoff s game 7 since my husband plays for the devils




Well he's got more than one email address. I do too. The yahoo one is the one that he doesn't get a lot of mail on.
Well right now I'm up with the Blues, but I doubt I'll see any playing time, but you never know.
Devils kicked some major butt last night.




they kick some major butt i agree. i'm very proud of them hopefully they
can win the cup this year too!



Now we move on to Player B….

(Sybil to PLAYERB)


is this “PLAYERB”s emailwell if it is i'm jason arnott's wife the

one that has been talkin to “PLAYERA”.hows it going? you probably don't know

me but your m fav icecat. my parents live close to worcester so on off

days and my husband doesn't have a game and you guys do sometimes well

drive up and watch a game. hope you can write back!!


(Unfortunately yahoo didn’t save my sent mail but I basically said hi how are ya and didn’t you have a 17 yr old friend that wanted to say hi and that jason must be happy to win game7)



5/10he is very happy. i'm doing great! she did want to say hi because she's

moving or something and she won't see ou again. she told me to tell you

that she's the one that bought you the blow pops and the card when you

(got injuried) How is your (injury). that must have hurt. it is a lond

drive from new jersey but its worth it! especailly when you guys win!


(blow pops and a card, then she probably followed you to the men’s room, then the locker room, and followed you home, and hid in your bushes…)


(So “PLAYERB” said to say hi)



i'll tell her. but we mostly do it for our son. he loves the icecats


you! it takes about 2 and a half hours. i think a little more. I came


the end of season sale at the common outlets to get a couple things. my

mom came with me. It really smelled because of the skates and stuff. i

bought a stick and a couple other things. So were do you live?


PLAYERA still in st. louis he hasn' emailed me in a while. Hope to talk



(See here’s the funniest thing… if you look at Arnott’s Bio from the Devils – HE’S NOT MARRIED!)


(So I love this one – I was laughing so hard)


 Subject: RE: emails

    From:     Kira

    Date:      07-May-01


    Actually i have 4 icecats emails. just wondering if some people had some more


(bet you only have 2 – or less!)


(from the “wonder site thread” – a new name comes up who is married to an NHL player – AIMEE! And who is she married to???)


Subject: RE: wonderful site

    From:     Aimee

    Date:      13-May-01




(not bad – so Arnott is married to 2 women – Aimee and Kira, but he doesn’t know it?)


I think we need a new award – like the Haas Award. We can call it the Jenifer/Jennifer/Kira/Aimee/Sybil Puck Bunny Award!


From: Pierce   Pierce is a registered live IceCat
Date: 23-Feb-06
Another way to check it all out is on the Internet archive machine   Just put in IceCats.com and you can search from Aug 2002

From: Ice1   Ice1 is a registered live IceCat
Date: 28-Feb-06
An absolute classic

From: Big Mike  
Date: 13-Mar-06
I have always thought that groupies (or "puck bunnies", if you prefer) are pretty strange people. I must say, though, that I admire this one's determination and hard work.

From: # 1 Cat Fan   # 1 Cat Fan is a registered live IceCat
Date: 17-Mar-06
Thanks for the real good laugh Speed !  Where did I go wrong in life ?  They have all the fun !!

From: JAPHspam  
Date: 18-Mar-06
I just like spam! I'm collocting junk email...

From: JAPHspam  
Date: 29-Mar-06
I just like spam! I'm collocting junk email...

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